Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Poll Results are in!

After much complaining and gnashing of teeth, my poll "What should I run for (pirate-themed) Mepacon this Fall?" is complete. 

I don't know what happend to Blogger's poll app.  It recorded the first five votes, then everything was erased and no other votes would register.  The poll was transferred to a fairly legit-looking Facebook app (it was) and we got the bulk of our voting through there.  As the poll closed last week, I surprised to find three random votes attached to the Blogger one!  All were added together, and I'm proud to say, the winning game I'll be running next November in Mepacon is....

Mouse Guard - Mice at Sea!

Voting was extremely close, as our second place game was a tie between Gnome Wars and the Burning Trogs, both of which were only one vote back of Mouse Guard.

Now if I only could find time to write out and playtest it! 

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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