Friday, June 14, 2013

You Came Here Looking for WHAT?

On my friend Jugular Josh's blog, Where There Had Been Darkness, he has occassionally busted out the weirdest of weird searches that brought someone to his blog.  I've got nothing close to "Batman Eating Wings on the Toilet" but I have my top five.
5. chicken skull
Gaming with the Gnomies -  my personal blog about voodoo and human sacrifice?  Could somebody tell me these things up front?

4. disembowling a rabbit
Okay, the gnome bunny cav don't have the best track record with me, but really?

3. i ran the first scenario 
Sure I mentioned that I ran the first scenario of Day of the Beast, but who does such a vague search, and multiple times, as I get this one two or three times a week.  Perhaps this is part of the attack of the blog bots.

2. girl fired by the catapult
Is there some medivel circus I'm not aware of?

and #1
1 maja 8, kudowazdrj
I have no idea what this is, but it links to multiple relgious and adult sites in another language.  I know why my blog comes up with this search, but what the hell is it?

While we're at it, let's take a look at the "normal" reasons people find this blog over the past month:
#10 catan 15th anniversary
My most read post of all time is about the anniversary boxed set, so that's no surprise.

#9 54mm. acw miniatures
I love the All the King's Men 54mm figs, regardless of era.  

#8 girl fired by the catapult
This is a fairly new phenomena

#7 rules for reaper miniatures mouselings

#5 gnome wars using mouselings
I really need to finish the mouslings and get them in a game.

#6 historicon
Lots of Historicon coverage.  Makes Sense

#2 gaming with the gnomies

#4 gaming with gnomies
Way to obvious.

#1 i ran the first scenario
Blog bot searching key phrases, or new gamer from Slovakia looking into buying a compliation for their system of choice?  All Hail Slovakia!

And a rather boring list of the Most Popular Searches of ALL TIME
#1 gaming with the gnomies
#2 gaming with gnomies
#3 mouselings
#4 gnome wars
#5 mouse guard miniatures
#6 mouseling
#7 western town 28mm blog
I have a lot of pictures of the High Noon game from the HMGS East conventions.  Hope it helps the person searching for them.

#8 1 maja 8, kudowazdrj
What the hell is this?

#9 settlers of catan 15th anniversary edition
#10 of the purchase

Of course, I wrote this post just so I can get ever MORE ridiculous traffic....

Batman Eating Wings on the Toilet
Batman Eating Wings on the Toilet
Batman Eating Wings on the Toilet

Can't wait for the fun to start.

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  1. You've got a lot of nerve stealing my Batman Eating Wings on the Toilet traffic, Viscount.