Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blogs I Follow: Frozen Gamer AK

As I mention with some regularity, I follow a decent list of blogs.  While there are some that will make me stop rescuing  people from a burning building at the mere opportunity to read a new post, I have a large number of blogs that I will merely give a glance as I scroll through the list, unless, of course, they cover the one topic that interests me. 

Frozen Gamer AK is one of those. 

I don't do WW2, I don't do 15mm, and I'm certain I won't be going to any Flames of War tournaments in Alaska, but this fella earned a permanent spot on my list with the posts about his trip to Historicon 2011.

Historicon draws an international crowd, but the red-eye, multiple transfer flights from Alaska to Philadelphia might but be the least pleasant way to fly for any attendee.  Yet, not only did he keep his enthusiasm at a high level, he maintained it through all four days, plus numerous side trips to cover some historical battlefields and the like.  It was a perfect way to conduct a vacation around gaming, he did get some free swag from the WWPD podcast, plus he got to do it all with his dad.  Pretty sweet.

After skipping last year, it looks like he's attempting the journey again, and I hope he chronicles it just as well.

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