Thursday, July 18, 2013

Going Down to Dunwhi.... errr, Boston

While thousands convene at Historicon at Fredericksburg this weekend, I'm loading up the minivan with the wife and kids and driving up to Boston for my sister's wedding extravaganza.

The thought of driving anywhere with a guarantee of traffic during this heat wave gives me an involuntary twitch, so neither is preferred.  I'd like to barricade myself with the new air conditioner and do activities that require a minimum amount of movement: painting minis, playing a game, or napping.

The kids have absconded and destroyed all four copies of Fluxx that we owned, so I'm afraid I may have to actually talk to my wife while we're stuck in the hotel room *gasp*. Or if the kids cooperate, we may catch up on sleep.

Stop laughing.  It could happen.  Really!

I do know that Friday will be fun time at the zoo, and I get one reprieve:  the place the reception is at is bookended by and ice cream shop on one side (for the wife) and a game store on the other, so I may get a new review out of the trip.  

I did load up a few episodes of the Miskatonic University podcast to bide the hours of insomnia, or when the rest of the familia is fast asleep in the car.  I've got the first seven out of he 35 down and the quality in material, discussion, and production continue to grow.  In fact I did listen to episode 34 to see the difference in a year and it was a nice interview with one of the writers of the 7th Edition of CoC.  Still didn't  win me over to the need for all the new rules and publishing format, but a great interview nonetheless.  

Speaking of the MU podcast, their current contest is for a copy of Miskatonic River Press' new Tales of the Sleepless City.  It does involving posting/sharing/tagging stuff on Facebook, so like both group's pages on Facebook and find the details.  With the deadline approaching on the 20th, that means I've, done my personal duty to support both Miskatonics, yet prevented enough lazy people from signing up to improve my chances to win.  Mwahahaha!

For those going to Historicon, drive safe and have fun.  
For Mike Lung, pitching in to run my game at HCon in my absence, thanks and make sure the Fallafal House burns!

And of course, congrats to Hoyce and Katie, who exchanged nuptials last weekend.  May your marriage work out better than the doomed 1924 version that happened as a result of his bachelor party CoC game. Progress has been made in the campaign log, but for a hint, Hoyce's avatar version of his 1924 self lost nearly 20 points of sanity in that session and might not be the best person to handle injuries if they have any children. 

And for the rest of you, pray for me.  It might be a loooooong weekend. 

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