Friday, July 19, 2013

(Kickstarter) Space 1889!

I kept hearing bits and pieces of rumors of this occuring, but I finally found it this morning: The Space: 1889 Kickstarter!

This isn't another reprint or print on demand of the original material created by GDW back in the day.  It appears that Uhrwerk Verlag ( purchased the rights to do a German translation of the game.  Rather than stick with the somewhat stodgy mechanics and Anglo-centric background, they rewrote the rules using the Ubiquity system from Hollow Earth Expedition, and expanded the setting to be more Euro-friendly.    It has been a critical and financial success in Germany, so they decided to offer it to the English-speaking masses.

The pledges don't seem too outrageous: $23 for the pdf as soon as it's ready / $53.00 for the hardcover.  For an extra $20 you qualify for all the additional pdfs that are unlocked for the stretch goals.  For those with discriminating tastes, there's a Faux-leather printing at $114 and a real leatherbound edition for $151.  Both of those include pdf downloads and shipping.
The Inventor
Stretch goals are more attuned to additional pdf adventures, so the more successful the project is, the more valuable the $20 boost on the core rules pledges are.   The only stretch goal that deviates is one at only 140% off the initial goal and that is a printed collection of all the pdf adventures as an add-on purchase to the pledge.  Price of the print edition has yet to be determined.

The Explorer

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  1. Thanks for posting about the campaign.

    We've got a host of stretch goals planned which we'll be announcing as we get closer to each one. There are plenty of adventures planned, as well as some sourcebooks, a screen, poster sized maps of some of the planets/ether flyers, etc.

    We've also changed the Art Dealer and Creator Pledge levels slightly - so the backers of those levels get to choose which rulebook they get - standard, faux leather or real leather.

    All the best,