Sunday, July 7, 2013

Miskatonic University Podcast

Outside of an evening where The Humpty Dance was actually repeated on Pandora, my late night dog walking pleasure has been the Miskatonic University podcast, starting with episode #1 and working forward. 

Sure, I need to catch up about 30 episodes, but the first four episodes have been very enjoyable, covering the basics of character creation.  

The best part has simply been the three hosts comparing notes, finding new uses for Mythos creatures, and each one discovering that they've been running some portion of the rules wrong for years (like skill advancement).

Episode 4 also had their first contest:  a character creation contest for a copy of Cthulhu by Gaslight.  In our current group, I've had no issue with the players making stock investigators, but I've been amazed in the past when someone just rolls up a stock archeologist, and their defining feature is...  a fedora.  

Within seconds of finishing the podcast I had two characters written up: a midget archeologist (no fedora, plus he can get into those tight spaces), and a dilettante/arms dealer, for those games where you absolutely, positively need a case of grenades in the trunk of your car.  They're not Japanese Communist Hobos, but in you'll soon see why they aren't all that useful either. 

Today is also a great pilgrimage to Trenton to run run the third CoC game in two weeks.  Even though they aren't required yet, passports are ready as the group goes overseas.   

Coming Soon: Obviously, there are three CoC write-ups to do.  If the third is anything like the first two, as the comic book covers often say, "Nothing will ever be the same again!"   500 year old medicine men, fumbled Throw rolls, addictions to ether, bunnies, idiot army officers, 300 year old warlocks of New York, dancing bunnies, and Ron Burgandy style flute playing will dominate. 

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