Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sharing the Love... and FRIED CHICKEN

I'm not one for sharing links to random writing blogs, but when one mentions my Cthulhu campaign, a recipe for fried chicken, and its a good friend (and the infamous Widow Carson in-game) I'm happily obligated. 

For  those who don't follow my CoC campaign, drop everything and click on the page link above for each entry,  I may not convey the moment by moment absurdity properly, but the current New York crew loves to drink Manhattan Juleps and run up to Harlem at all hours for fried chicken... and that's the most genteel version to describe the shenanigans that ensue.  

I'm betting even the Japanese Hobo and Dr Kozba would approve of the potatoes (as of this writing, I'm a bit behind on sessions and the new investigators introduced.

edit: cleaned up hyperlink

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