Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Steve Jackson Re-releasing Long OOP OGREs!

The results of the OGRE Kickstarter are trickling down to the rest of gamerdom.

One of the numerous stretch goals was the re-release of some long out-of-print OGRE minis.  Today on www.sjgames.com and Warehouse 23, the OGRE Mk III and Mk V were both available again. 

Those trees don't stand a chance!
Alas, while nostalgia wafts in the air, 2002 prices do not.  The Mk V now retails "loose" for $26.95, while the Mk III runs $21.95

Also hiding on the website are OGRE T-shirts, covering the essential gamer sizes of Small, Medium, 3x and 5x, or in gamer speak: infant, toddler, gamer medium, and gamer XL.

The only thing bigger than an OGRE is an OGRE player.


  1. Ironic we get the re-release of the ogre miniatures BEFORE the release of the kickstarter which is now what one or two years late? I forget...

  2. It's only 14 months since completion. Fourteen long months...

    I don't think the Chinese were involved in the casting of the minis, except for increasing the price of scrap metal.