Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Death from Above... in Style

Recently there has been some hushed discussions about Battletech in the first time since forever plus a day.  We are trying to visit friends Wooly and Jenny out in Western PA with our already overwhelmed weekend schedule, and since Wooly is the infamous Felix the Headhunter, I'm requiring a B'Tech game of some sort if we managed to pull this off.

One the most awesome, and wildly ineffectual moves in Battletech is the dreaded Death From Above.  Battlemechs equipped with jump jets fly up and attempt to land on top of the opposing mech, causing grievous damage to it.  In most of our games, the attacker either missed completely and did more damage to themselves from falling than they would have dealt from the attack, or they took a point blank barrage from the defending unit, missed, fell flat on its face, then got kicked in the head by the defender.

Good Times.

I follow Litko on Facebook.  Great counters and markers for a variety of games.  Two pictures were posted as "in the pipeline":
Why is there a martini shaker on this mech's back?

Jump around, Jump around

A jump jet stand is pretty cool, at least before I see it's price.   But that begs the question, in 25+ years of Battletech, what did we use before?

 All hail the mighty Chessex Dice Cube!  We were using the dice for the game, and the clear plastic container for the larger sets just fit over most of the mechs. 

Third World solutions to First World problems.

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