Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pegasus Small Palm Trees "A"

Took me long enough.

After a long hiatus with the paintbrush, and much gnashing of teeth and crying to get the kids to sleep a wee bit earlier, my first project in a giant backlog is finally finished.

I present Pegasus Hobbies  Palm Tree set, style "A".
Using the technique detailed here, it was relatively painless, save the giant glob of yellow paint that I just notice on the far right tree trunk. *grrrr*  We can tell what tree I started drybrushing with, eh? 

I still need to buy a hot glue gun, and I used the cheap clay because I couldn't find the specific brand mentioned in the article, but everything worked out.

I will need to finish the detail on the tricorner hats for the Gnome British.  The white just pops on the picture.

The Palm Trees are $8.99 for a box of 5 and stand between 4-5" high.   If your local store doesn't stock it, or won't order them, check out for all the Pegasus products.

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