Monday, August 26, 2013

The Day of Sloth '14

There are some major high holidays with the gamers of the Society of Neffs: Super Bowl Sunday, the Saturday After Thanksgiving Leftover Feast.  Two of the lesser holidays are the bro-grimage to Cold Wars every March and the Day of Sloth picnic, hosted at my house.

Usually we host a picnic the Sunday before Labor Day, to give the drunken revellers a day of recovery.  This year, we have a wedding receptions barbeque and a concert filling up next weekend, so we moved it to this past weekend.  With  the change in schedule my side of the picnic was a bit underrepresented.  While hordes of children swarmed the front yard and devoured dinosaur shaped breaded chicken(?),  we had a small table in our normal spot, Scott and his girlfriend Bridgit, as well as the infamous Carsons, Phil and Jess.  Phil and Jess narrated the good, bad, and awesome from their GenCon trip, and we got a game of Apples to Apples.  I did try to get in the annual game of Risus: Illuminati University, but with Scott leaving early and the mosquitos coming back right on time, we closed up shop early.  

The only other good news was that the Cthulhu group is looking into another back-to-back gaming weekends in September.   Still not sure if we're closing up some storylines first, or if we're just going into "1925" with guns blazing.  I have two, possibly three new characters that I have to acclimate into the group (Phil's, whose concept has been approved with maniacal laughter from this Keeper, Aaron, who's killed off characters in the last back-to-back session, and "Dynomative Dalcin/Molotov Mike.")

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