Wednesday, September 11, 2013

(Cthulhu) 1925 is Upon Us!

This Sunday begins another set of back-to-back gaming weekends! 

Although we still have some loose ends for Cthulhu (I completely reorganized and edited most of the list from here), with two players as Dads of burgeoning toddlers, I've got to schedule the big storyline transitions around their availability.  The good news is that we can return to the skipped scenarios, as they are unrelated to the major arcs and can be used at any time. 

The better news is, after two years of real time, the campaign has moved to 1925. 

With the disjointed campaign structure from this summer (see campaign journal #18,  plus #19 and #20, when available), some investigators have had a seven-plus month layoff from "active" investigating.  It's been fun trying to justify such a lull, especially after adventures in Maine, Crete, and Queens, but a few unanticipated deaths and a bit of healthy paranoia might have provoked a desire for a return to normalcy.

I also await with gleeful anticipation of our youngest player, Aaron's,  new characters.  No major spoilers here, but with his Turkish Librarian deported at the end of The Dreamer, he's brought in new characters to each of the two sessions he's played in since, and needs another one for Sunday.  Chalk up to youthfull inexperience some concepts that don't always work:
  • Japanese Communist Hobo
  • Canadian Syrup Salesman
I don't want to force some random antiquitarian investigator into his hand if he's not into it, especially since we have the following:
  1. Pulp Writer / Paranormal Kook
  2. Professor of Physics
  3. Crooked Bookkeeper/Talent Agent
  4. Professor of History
  5. Chemical Engineer
  6. Female Private Investigator/Former School Teacher
...and even the tradional professions are played with a unique twist.  I consider it more a challenge to me as a keeper to adjust and adapt the game to provide a reason for these folks to get together.  

My buddy Mike is also bringing in a new character, but asked me to put one together for him.   I hope he appreciates who I'm giving him, as it's a character from one of the one shots we ran long ago.  No, he's not "Lite Beer" from the Texas Fried Cthulhu game, but does provide enough reason to justify part of the group asking "Can we bring him along? He might help!"

I'm hoping to survive a full week of training new hires next week to get #19 and #20 of the actual plays typed up, before the world blows up at work, and I may get a few hours of solace for the job sometime in late November.

I'm also hoping the group learns to appreciate the man on the right in the picture below.  Let's just say that in my twisted version of Cthulhu Campaigns, he is The Interesting Man in the World, circa 1925.

Stay Thirsty for Knowledge, My Friends!

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