Monday, October 28, 2013

Burning Plastic Event for Mepacon Submitted

After much perseverating, and finding out I could still submit an event, all the the information has been sent to allow me to GM at Mepacon  I'll be driving up after work on Saturday so I can catch up with old friends, peruse the auction, buy a book from CJ Henderson (hopefully he's well enough to make the trip), and run a game of Burning Plastic.

Title:  The Pirates of Planet SOMAL-IA
System; Burning Plastic
Players: 12

A despicable group of rogue robots has taken a some notable humans hostage.  Orbital Tac-Nukes have been ruled out to avoid an intergalactic incident, so it's up to an amphibious assault group to reach the pirate compound and rescue the meat shields, er, prisoners.

Burning Plastic is a game played exclusively with Green Army Men and other toys. It's a game of wild tactics, exploding robots, and literal dice chucking.  All ages welcome, rules will be taught. Eye protection optional.

I'll start my trips to the dollar store this week to prepare for the battle.  It should be a hoot!
It shall be a Slaughterama!

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