Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Have Started Kicking!

It's official.  After mentioning numerous projects in posts, drooling over some and poo-poo-ing others, I am officially no longer a Kickstarter virgin.   Reaper's Bones II has gotten a whopping $21 out of me.

The $100 pledge (Vampire-level from Bones I) is neither an economical nor a material option for me.  I know I could just sell off everything and leave me with the 10-15 figures I really want, but I don't have the space for them when they do show up in a distant year.

I went with what I had mentioned before:  TWO sets of the Mousling set.

By the time they show up, I may have the stragglers in the original boxed set done, as well as get around and purchase the Tavern set (by March at the latest).

With my support, the total inched closer to the elusive $1,909,933.00.  A cool two mill is an easy target with 8 days left.

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