Friday, October 4, 2013

My Plans For 2014

With the review done, it's time to look at what projects I'd like to accomplish for the 2013-14 gaming "season."

Last year I had very specific things in multiple categories. This year I'll cover it in general topics and go from there.

1. The Second Samoan Civil War (25mm): This is going to get finished, on time, come hell or high water. Painting, painting, some figures, a little more painting, and a prayer I don't have to special order more Samoan flesh tone from England.  I need to organize some play testing as well, just in case I need more troops.  Here's hoping its just some late night painting sessions of banana trees. 

2. Call of Cthulhu:  Everyone's good friend, Jackson Elias, is dead, but unlike your standard version of the campaign, where people run a few softball sessions and then BAM! we're in room 410, we had twenty to harden the hearts of the investigators, make them badass, and possibly piss off every other cult in New York City.  I'll tell you what, no other version of the campaign in recorded history has had an eight-foot tall roided out Asian playing a mysterious role in New York.   Outside of an eventual copy of Tales of the Sleepless City, I can't think of anything else I'll need for a long while, even if we get a TPK and do something else. 

3. Gnome Wars:  After Samoa, I'll need to rebuild the lost Swiss forces, and perhaps flush out the French forces for the 100th Anniversary of the start of the Great War.  Maybe some Serbian-Roman action for Historicon to ignite the tensions?  Perhaps some Russians, and by some miracle, work on the Gnomish Gazetteer. 

4.  Mouse Guard:  I'm shelving the Mouse Guard game for Mepacon, rather setting up a Burning Plastic game on the world of SOM-ALI-A with some naval maneuvers

5. Burning Plastic:  See above.  Of course, I have to submit the event first. 

6.  The Kids:  I should probably list this as #1 due to its importance, but I need to play more games with the girls, both the silly Princess themed ones and the silly "serious".games.  I found my 25mm Brigade Games figs for Tanga, so we may play some practice CLA for Samoa. 

Or we can just play whatever they want...

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