Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Swiss and Lost Civilization of Connecticut

I received a secret communique today from a distant land. Inside was a picture:

It seemed that the Swiss army had gone on a wild goose chase and ended up trapped in Connecticut!  Despite my insistence that their case was in the house in April, the reality of it was they got packed up in Jim's stuff and he finally  got around to going through his stuff for Fall-In!  Success!

I need to get to Fall-In! no matter what, if only to pick up these guys plus a mini case of Znombies and gingerbread men!


  1. You really didn't think you could be rid of those little guys that easily!!

  2. I really did! I had a false memory that they were in the back of the trunk of my car and I took the recycling over to the center. A week later I finally took the empty bins out of my trunk and they were gone! I love saving the Earth, but not at the cost of recycling my Gnomes!

  3. Even though gnomes general endorse earth friendly activities like recycling, I'm not sure their little lead filled bodies are particular good for it. So I guess they were doing the econ friendly thing by returning to your home! LOL

    Znombie Lord