Saturday, November 16, 2013

Khurasan Releases Bolshirats & Menshimice!

Khurasan Miniatures has always been just outside my radar.  Despite making some great products for 15mm Sci-Fi, I've always been snagged by one minor fact:

I'm not interested in 15mm sci-fi, and no one I know plays it.

Then, they just to turn my world upside down by releasing 28mm figures for their "Rodent Civil War"

Introducing the Bolshirats and Menshimice, scultped by Bob Olley.

These should look great next to any Swiss, German, or Russian gnomes.  In fact, it explains why the Russians have the great coats and are -1 to hit.  There not that thick to keep them warm, it's to keep the rodents from biting them.

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