Thursday, November 7, 2013

(Kickstarter) Olley's Armies Victorian Scrunts are LIVE!

I mentioned in late September that Olleys Armies was planning a Kickstarter campaign for Victorian Scrunts.   All the lovers of the short and steampunk should rejoice because it finally went live yesterday.

Us folks in America are looking at roughly $30 per set with shipping, for each 5 figure set. If you do order multiples the shipping lessens it to closer to $27.

The first three sets, that I had posted previously, really don't float my boat.  As much as oversized weaponry fits the Victorian Steampunk era better than, say, 40k, it still looks unwieldly.   The other two sets of the core five for the KS intrigue me a bit more

I could find uses for civilian Scrunts/Gnomes, even if they have a noble cock.

Even better Civilians
The stretch goals for the campaign will definitely put me in a wait-and-see position.  Zeppelin crews would work well in an escalated Gnomes at War campaign, or dare I advance the timeline to play World War G?

Of course, the simplest answer is, I could start building my Gnomish Space Marine armies.  

With the final payment for the family cruise coming up, I need to hold off till the last week, but I'm pledging something.

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