Monday, November 18, 2013

My Plans for Fall-in! fell through

Note to self:  While you are still employed with a company that deals with Medicare, do not attempt to attend a "distant" convention during the Annual Enrollment Period.  Way too much stuff to get done, even on the weekends.  Throw in the fact that our seasonal temps bailed on Saturday overtime, and I'm just a bit miffed.  There goes all the glowing references I was offering .  

In hindsight, it was a good thing that work kept me forever on Saturday, as the stomach bug hit the house that evening and my hazmat skills were required.  The only advantage of three sick females passed out in the house?  I could actually watch football on Sunday. My bout with the dreaded bug was quick, but impressive. I can not lie that I'm happy Maja's still wiped out from the bug, as I need a day to recharge batteries, check email, and do some laundry.

The good news is our intrepid reporter Mike Lung did make it to Fall-in! and sent over some pics.  Fun was had by all (I have seen numerous accounts of the gnome/zombie table being described as "raucous") and there appears to be an official Gnome Wars jousting mini!

More to come, first I need to ensure a little girl keeps here Gatorade/jello buffet down.

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