Monday, December 23, 2013

(12 Days) #10 Clearing off the Phone

I will be SO happy when the holidays are over!

My planned projects fell through (of course!), so I'll take adavantage of a few moments I took to clean some pictures off of my phone. I don't think any made the cut for a previous post, but here they are, as I delete them off from my 500 other pictures

Some gnome-themed imbibing during a Finger Lake Wine Festival at Watkins Glen Raceway back in 2012.  I chauffuered a van full of drunk girls to buy lots of wine, and I had nary a drop.  I did, however get to drive around the track in a pace car, which was certainly cool.

 Gnome on a Rope.  Manufacturer forgotten in time.

Greatest Poster of the last five years or so.  If I ever get a gaming room, this will be hanging on the wall.

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