Saturday, December 21, 2013

(12 Days) #8 Victory Minis, or, "How'd We Miss THAT?"

This year's 12 Days has been problematic for two reasons.  For one, I didn't really think about any posts, save a lone topic, before the holidays hit, and second, there's been very little holiday themed material on the websites I frequent that could be used for filler.

One thing I used last year were some pics of holiday minis from Victory Miniatures.  I still have the link on my favorites, so after ignoring it for a year, I took a wander over.

These showed up:

After faithful gnomie Mike Lung has made tons of these bad boys, we discover they're not only available, but in bulk (25 for $20)?  They still are on the New Releases tab, so let's hope I didn't miss them.

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