Sunday, December 22, 2013

(12 Days) #9 A Little Present for the Dice Baseball Fans

I get a lot of different searches leading people to my blog.  Perhaps not as sick and twisted as the ones that Jugular Josh gets on his, Where There Had Been Darkness, but enough that I'm careful with my words.

Although, as I commented on his post, I'm soooo creating a Diabetic Giraffe for Gamma World.

The one expected search that warms my heart either comes up "Dice Baseball" or "Fireside Dice Baseball.  It's a pleasant surprise that so many people are looking for a set of rules for a game that were published over 55 years ago.  I espoused my love for the game here, and despite not mentioning it all since then, the post and the page I made for the rules have had some significant traffic.  The rules page is my seventh most popular post/page of all time.  Not bad for blog dedicated to gnomes and geeky gaming.

After a few messages and comments, I finally added the rules for tagging up runners and stretching out base hits to Dice Baseball.  Go ahead, grab two dice and try everything out.  It will work beautifully.

And any excuse to break out The Second Fireside Book of Baseball off the shelf is worth it, just for the first page:

At any rate, this may keep a baseball fan busy, until pitchers and catchers report, starting February 11th. Enjoy!

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