Friday, December 13, 2013


One of the blogs I follow reminded me that today is Lucia.  For an American Swede, Lucia is usually reserved for the closest weekend, and is part of the service a Swedish Lutheran Church, so it's fun to see it as a family and community at large experience.

Lucia this year has been spread out slowly in our. Tradition dictated that the Christmas never went up prior to my Father's birthday (12/10), and I normally treat that as Lucia.  Between the wife and kids, work, and the animals, we've spent the whole week slowly assembling the tree and decorating the house.  A LOT of decorations won't even make in the house this year.  Two kids/two dogs/two cats guarantees it.

And let's not talk about what the cats have done to our poor artificial tree. The solace I would have is a real tree would be a far worse mess at roughly the same cost.

Saturday, I plan on taking the kids to breakfast and then setting up for a Christmas game.  If we get back from my mother-in-law's birthday party early tonight, I may have time to set it up (and not have the cats destroy it overnight).

While we play in a winter wonderland, as the region gets socked with 8 inches of snow outside, I'll take some time to whip up some Glögg, the seasoned mulled wine that Swedes (and wannabe Swedes) love so very very much.  A trip to a Pennsylvania State Store is in order before tonight's party.

Truth be told, it might be required to get through the party!

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