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The PEL for Cold Wars 2014 is Up!

The PEL for Cold Wars has snuck online (or I'm still too exhausted from the holidays to catch it).

Usually I point out a mixture of cool games I'd like to play, plus all the gnome games I usually  Given the the theme is Forgotten History, I'll also list a large number of the theme games, just to show what everyone else interprets it.

F-203 - Mons: First Contact, War Horses at Casteau, 21 Aug 1914
Fri. 8:00 AM, 4 hrs, 4 players GM: Phillip Gibbons and Battle Barn  WWI 25mm, Rules: Trench Wars modified for skirmish
As British forces advance deeper into France and then Belgium, unmistakable reports were being received from civilians that large numbers of German troops were advancing through Brussels towards the Belgian town of Mons. On 21 August 1914, A squadron of cavalrymen belonging to the 4th Dragoon Guards
were sent forward to reconnoiter ahead of the BEF
Great War Cavalry?  This might be my excuse to have a Thursday overnight stay.
F-104 - Brazen Chariots - The Battle of Dehibat - Theme Game
Fri. 9:00 AM, 3 hrs, 8 players  GM: Adam Wine and NOWS WWII 15mm, Rules: Brazen Chariots
On June 10th, 1940 Italy declared war on France and Britain.  Feeling that the war would soon be over, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini aims to expand the empire by taking land from the French Tunisian colonies. The Regio Esercito Italiano 10th Armyis ordered across the Lybia-Tunisa border to capture the French
Foreign Legion outpost at Dehibat. Take command of an Italian Compagnie Carri or a French Compagnie de Chars autosmitrailleuses de combat as they slung it out in a WW2 game featuring exceptionally painted 15mm tanks and the dusty border of this Tunisian "what if" scenario.
So, is this a obscure engagement within the well-known framework of WW2, or is it the wild imaginings of a GM who has some sweet tanks he wants to roll out on the table.  The description is vague.   It is forgotten conflicts AND battles, so the big eras (WW2 and Napoleonics) can be properly represented.
F-107 - Battle of Obilesti : Russians vs Turks -  Theme Game 
Fri. 10:00 AM, 4 hrs, 8 players GM: David Kasper and NOWS Napoleonic 28mm, Rules: LAWS of War 
In 1806 the Ottomans launch a new offensive against the Russian Walachia valley. Only a division of Russians staved off 20,000 Ottomans at the battle of Obilesti. Come fight for Alexander or Selim III in this colorful yet unknown battle.
See the last sentence in the last comment.  This sounds like the first Napoleonic battle I might have interest in since, a day before forever.
F-144 - Aerosan Racing in the Arctic 
Fri. 10:00 AM, 2 hrs,6 players GM: Jon Lundberg Sponsor:Brigade Games Pulp28mm,Rules: Home Rules 
Aerosan Racing in the Pulp Arctic, dodge Yetis and Polar Bears as you compete against the other racers. White outs and rough terrain are also threats. Players under 12 should have an adult along to help. 
I mentioned Brigade Games' Aerosans a long time ago, so it's nice to see them in any game, much less a fun game dedicated to team. 
F-294 - Black September – Syrian Intervention attempt – 18 September 1970 - Theme Game
Fri. 10:00 AM, 4 hrs,6players  GM: Tony Mazzo and RAW Modern 1/285 Rules: Challenger XXI Classic
In mid-September 1970, after numerous attempts by the PFLP to assassinate Jordan’s King Hussein and the Dawson’s Field Hijackings, in which three large commercial jets were capture by and subsequently blown up by the PFLP, Jordan declares martial law and begins a military crackdown on the PFLP and PLA. The Syrians drive into northern Jordan. Elements of the Syrian 88th and 91st Tank Brigades are met by the Jordanian 40th Armored Bridge in a head on clash of steel.
This is what I'm talking about, and I never get excited for Moderns.
F-150 - Gnome Wars: The Sikh Stronghold 
Fri. 2:00 PM, 2 hrs, 8 players  GM: Jim Stanton with Steven Stanton and Stout Gnomes 
Sponsor: Brigade Games, Prize: Gnomes!  Fantasy 28mm, Rules: Gnome Wars 
Everybody is pissed off at the Sikhs and is coming to teach them a lesson. Can they hold their villages and hilltop fort? What are they protecting that is so valuable? Why are you still reading this and not registering already?
The Gnome Extravaganza starts off with a bang.  Let's be honest here, if you put a gun to most GMs head and told them to honestly describe their event, 90% would give a variant to this.  Like all Stout Gnome events, you don't need to register for the even if you bring your own painted Gnome Wars unit.
F-261 - Breakthrough of the Hunding Position 26 October 1918 
Fri. 4:00PM, 6hrs, 8players GM:Steve Gelhard and HAWKS WWI 15mm, Rules: World War One : 1918
As the Allied counterattack advanced, the Germans formed a strong defensive position: the Hunding Position. French General Debeney's First Army was ordered to breakthrough at all costs with FT-17, St. Chamond, and Schneider tanks, air squadrons, gas, assault troops, and balloons with all types of artillery tactics. Elements of a German "Trench" Infantry Division defend against a French Infantry Division. Either side can win, depending on how well you plan and execute that plan. Player friendly rules...Beginners welcome.
A Great War game with all the elements I love/loathe?  Sounds like a winner to me!

F-387 - Lost in Moesia 170 AD - Theme Game 
Fri. 6:00 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players GM: Dan Hazelbark and NASAMW  Ancients 25mm, Rules: Field of Glory Ancient Medieval 
Roman Legions march to relieve a beleaguered Roman force a Carnuntum during the first Marcomannic war. Meanwhile a coalition of year, Vandals and Sarmatians attempt to defeat the divided Romans in detail. 
F-157 - Klein-Barmen: Rosenberg's Desperate Charge (German South-West Africa, 1904) - Theme 
Fri. 7:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players GM: Roy Jones with Eric Alvarado Sponsor: Recreational Conflict, Prize: Miniatures  Colonial 25mm, Rules: Sword and the Flame (Modified) 
Concealed Herero riflemen, firing from boulder fighting positions, have stymied the German attack at Klein-Barmen. In a desperate move, Leutnant von Rosenberg is ordered to take his 5th Feldkompagnie, dash across unprotected open ground, and take the Herero position by storm! 

F-151 - "Even The Olives Are Bleeding" Jarama, February 1937 - Theme Game
Fri. 7:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players GM: Don Manser Sponsor: Age of Glory, Prize: Prizes will be awarded 
Inter-War 25mm, Rules: Bolt Action 
Nationalist forces are pushing to encircle and cut off Madrid.  Republican commanders are tasked to stop Franco's elite Foreign Legion and Regulares from accomplishing this goal. Although in a good defensive position your forces are multinational with no common language or objectives and at critical times poorly led. "No pasaran!"  Players under 16 are always welcome with a participating adult. 

F-246 - Blackboots on the Trail 
Fri. 7:00 PM, 3 hrs, 4 players  GM: Mark Kinsey and Army Group York  Modern 15mm, Rules: I Ain't Been Shot Mum/B,Maso 
Rhodesia 1976: Reports of arson in the Africa Purchase Areas were not unusual, and they generally meant one thing –terrorists. So Mr Patel’s phone call, stating that the Chisumbanje Development Company’s storage sheds were burning was not just a job for the Fire Brigade. In response, Bravo Troop of the British 
South African Police has been deployed in their Crocodiles to conduct a sweep. Patel’s Wonder-Market is just up around the next bend…
S-210 - Picnic at Connecticut Farms 
Sat. 10:00 AM, 2 hrs, 6 players GM: Jim Reynolds and WNPG Sponsor: Eureka USA, Prize: Bears 
AWI 28mm, Rules: Teddy Bear Picnic
During the great war for bear indepence, ther are some picnics that go unnoticed. The British Bears moved into New Jersey to force the local bears to give them a picnic. The true bears of Jersey wanted to be left alone to picnic their own way. Come and join the picnic. kids game 

S-143 - The First Battle of Vailele - The Second Samoan Civil War - 1899 - Theme Game 
Sat. 10:00 AM, 4 hrs, 6 players GM: Eric Jacobson Colonial 28mm, Rules: Contemptible Little Armies 
Samoa is in chaos! With the death of King Malietoa Laupepa, rebel elements have plunged the islands into their Second Civil War, and the Western Powers will have none of that! After securing the port city of Apia, British Sailors, American Marines, and Samoan loyalists now move toward the rebel stronghold of Vailele.
This should be awesome, but I am a little biased.

S-293 - The Battle for Jijiga - Theme Game 
Sat. 12:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players  GM: Tony Mazzo and RAW Modern 1/285, Rules: Challenger XXI Classic
In 1977 the Somalis give open support for the WSLF, in its attempt to seize control of the Ogaden Region of Ethiopia from the DERG. At this point the Soviet Union broke off diplomatic relations with Somalia and poured aid and Cubans into Ethiopia. The WSLF’s offensive against the provincial capital of Harar failed and they were driven back to the last major town before the Somali border – Jijiga. 

S-148 - Gnome Wars: Fort Gulistan - September 12th, 1897 
Sat. 2:00 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players GM: Steven Stanton and Stout Gnomes Sponsor: Brigade Games, Prize: Gnomes! Fantasy 28mm, Rules: Gnome Wars 
Fortified hilltop fort on the Northwest Frontier Province. Signals for help are frantically coming in from Saragarhi and Fort Lockhart. The sounds of battle in the distance and a decision are at hand: do they leave the safety of the walls to lend support to those in need, or do they stay to prepare for the attack that they know will be coming?  No one under 14 without a playing adult with parent/child teams 
S-146 - Gnome Wars:The Battle of Saragarhi - September 12th, 1897 
Sat. 2:00 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players GM: Jim Stanton and Stout Gnomes Sponsor: Brigade Games, Prize: Gnomes! Fantasy 28mm, Rules: Gnome Wars 
A signaling relay post called Saragarhi in the Northwest Frontier Province. Twenty one Sikhs from the 36th Sikhs resolve not to hand over the signal post to the enemy and seek safety elsewhere. Saragarhi will fall because a handful of gnomes in that make-shift fort of stones & mud walls cannot stand the onslaught of a thousand enemies.

S-147 - Gnome Wars: The Assault on Fort  Lockhart - September 12th, 1897 
Sat. 2:00 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players  GM: Kevin Jacobi and Stout Gnomes Sponsor: Brigade Games, Prize: Gnomes!  Fantasy 28mm, Rules: Gnome Wars 
Sikhs and British on the Northwest Frontier Province. The relief column was due two days ago, supplies and ammunition are running low. A dust cloud on the horizon brings hope, but it is the enemy. The remaining ammunition is divided and letters to loved ones are written for the defenders are doubtful that they will see 
another sunrise.
The 3rd Annual Gnome Mega-Game has a decidedly Sikh theme.  Hopefully we'll exceed our 30 players, 4 GMs, and 1200 gnomes that we got last year.  Of course, I also have two units of Sikhs to paint up for this after I finish my own stuff, so I need to start cracking.
S-156 - 1924 China: Lots of Warlords 
Sat. 7:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players GM: John Spiess with Erin Spiess Early 20th Century 28mm, Rules: Trench Wars modified
Chinese Warlord Wu Pei-fu has sent his elite Tin Hat Brigade to escort gold and supply convoy through a quiet countryside. It should be no problem with FT-17 tank support just in case. However, bribes are common and rival Warlord Chang Tso-lin knows the route. He plans a nice surprise with his White Russian 
allies. Then again, bribes are common… 
How is this not a theme game?  Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things.
S-149 - Gnome Wars: The Joust 
Sat. 8:00 PM, 2 hrs, 30 players 
GM: Steven Stanton with Jim Stanton and Stout Gnomes 
Sponsor: Brigade Games, Prize: Gnomes! 
Fantasy 28mm, Rules: To Cry a Joust 
Come and play in a Gnome Wars Jousting Tournament. Rules taught. Fast and fun! 
No one under 14 without a playing adult with parent/child teams encouraged.
If you can be at one spot in the Host at 8pm, and it's not the bar, it should be the Joust!  I'm sure we'll get another barrage of dirty looks for having waaaaay too much fun.  "Crazylegs", defendered of all gnomekind, vanquisher of Canadian inpropriety, shall have his vengeance!

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