Saturday, March 29, 2014

Artizan Design The Midnight Workshop

From TMP:

Artizan Designs, which I better know for their WW2 figures that Brigade Games carries, also has a small line of fantasy figure called The Midnight Workshop

To quote directly from their website:
A Midnight Workshop range that could be described as the Fantasy range 'that never was' from the 1970s or early '80s. It is set in a mythical Borderland that is populated by creations drawn from my early inspirations, inspirations that got me in to making miniatures in the first place. These sources are the illustrations of John Bauer, Rodney Mathews, Arthur Rackham and Brian Froud, and films like the Dark Crystal and Excalibur.

Forest Troll (40mm base)
Goblin Knights (25mm base)
Goblin Moss-Troopers
There's something about these figures that I love and my wallet will probably hate.  After accumulating some Warhammer Goblins for sci-fi conversions (one day), if I ever did a Warhammer army, these goblins would have to stand front and center.   There's so much personality in these figures that I hope they keep making more and more models.

And for those of us in the States, it looks like Brigade will stock them as well.

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