Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fezzes Are Cool, Unless the Dudes Wearing Them Are Trying to Kill You

Bob Murch, owner of Pulp Figures and sculptor for the RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edtion Miniatures Kickstarter tweeted ( @PulpFigures ) some of his sculpts for the Horror on the Orient Express Kickstarter.

Introducing Turks #1, #2, and #3
These will be part of the miniatures set that was offered with the Kickstarter.  I hope they can see the light of day through another avenue.

One realization that does worry me is that the the Kickstarter for Horror was funded in September 2012 and the complimentary pdf draft for supporters' perusal/proofreading wasn't sent out until Christmas 2013.  As of right now, I'm happy I stayed away.  Hopefully Chaosium proves me horribly wrong.

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