Saturday, January 25, 2014

Is that a forbidden......SQUIRREL!!!!!

Recent data suggests that young people are leaving Facebook in droves, as older folks continue join.  

So long as pictures like this surface, I don't care.

There is something gaming related to this, I swear. My friend Nate, who plays Dr Nathaniel Millheim in my Call of Cthulhu game, also played Cthulhu many moons ago in high school.  

His most memorable character?  A mentally retarded man who picked up road kill.  He took a particular liking to to a particular squirrel carcass, and as high school games are wont to do, somehow the damn thing got bronzed and he began using it as a weapon. 

I blame Hoyce.  He went to high school with him AND he was the Keeper.  

That saddest thing is I've met people who have made even sadder character concepts.  

So beware of squirrels. 

And those dudes who pick up road kill off the side of the road. 


  1. I accept the blame for this, but I will say in my defense, you try reigning in a group where High School Nate is amongst you better and more serious players.


  2. My counterpoint, current Nate IS one of the better and more serious players, although he was not around to deal with the crisis that was "Operation: Hobo Justice."