Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kenneth Hite on the Miskatonic University Podcast

I had essentially given up on podcasts. I had neither the time nor the place to invest sixty minutes or more on a quality production. However, with painting in full swing, I needed better background noise for late night painting than my Thrash Metal "High School Relaxation Music" station on Pandora.  

I went back to the Miskatonic University Podcast and was please to discover their latest episode (#47!) has Kenneth Hite as guest host. I'm about an hour into the podcast and it's simply awesome. It also helps that Hite has the same "meh" attitude towards Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, except he can wax poetically on it far better than I can.

Show notes and link for downloading the episode here.

Coming Soon:  The Samoan Spearmen are almost done, as are Matala'afa's Elite Guard, and two units of Samoan Rifles. Here's hoping for a relaxing rest of the week.  Shooting for a playtest before we leave for our cruise in February.

Preferred portions of my Pandora Playlist available for posting upon demand.

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