Wednesday, January 22, 2014

(Samoa) Crunch Time Begins... Now!

I put in a good deal of overtime at work yesterday, partly to get my drive home to fall within the time the snow finally gets cleared off the roads but before  point when the rock salt becomes ineffective and the roads refreeze. 

Gotta be honest, I spent the waning moments on Amazon, figuring out what to buy with the gift cards the staff gave me for Christmas.  My cruise is going to be stocked with tasty reading vittles:

  • The House of R'lyeh for Call of Cthulhu
  • Imperial German Colonial and Overseas Troops 1885-1918 from Osprey
  • George F Kennan:  An American Life by John Lewis Gaddis.
I was a Kennan freak back in college and read everything I could get my hands on.  Just because it won the Pultizer back in 2012 doesn't mean Gaddis will interpret everything correctly, as many have failed to do.  I can't be too harsh, it is my lounging book for the balcony.  Hopefully the girls (wife included) won't lock me out on it.

If that wasn't enough I had a package on my dining room table when I got home:

Don't know why Blogger is loading this one upside-down, but it's still awesome.
Now only the hardcore Pulp Figures fan would ask, "Viscounteric?  Why did you only get ten packs when the ordering policy gives the 11th for free?"

Well, my child, that one may be a surprise for Cold Wars.  Let's not ruin yet, ok?

That order completes all the figures I need for Cold Wars.  A little cleaning and mounting later, here's my workload for the next six weeks:

I'll probably order "Samoa" after the con *rimshot*
The pictures don't inlclude the eight Matala'afan Elite Guard that are hiding on the table, but with them my workload is 108 figures.  Luckily, the first 22 figures (Samoan Spearmen and US Marines) painted up right quick, and if you notice, this is a LOT of repetitive painting, with  only a small variation to differentiate Rebel  and Loyalist Samoans. 

Since they were all primed up this morning, tonight I shall feast on Samoan flesh, as I paint skin tone on all the figures!    I hope that single pot of paint from Foundry holds up.

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