Sunday, January 19, 2014

Samoan Spearman

So, another unit is finished off, this time ten Samoan Ceremonial Spearman, using Melanesian Island Warriors from Pulp Figures.

The oversized weapons are a bit unwieldy to secure to the figure, but I believe they'll last the game.  

During the Second Samoan Civil there are plenty of pictures of Samoans in ceremonial garb, but pictures of them using spears in action, or even marching with them, if they exist, escaped my research.   These fellows will be used for recon during the game

Yes, Samoans don't grow beards, and at 30mm compared  to the 25mm US and British figures, they're about 70 years early for the size we now associate with them, but the figures will definitely be in a variety of scenaros.    And with the small force of western forces staring down a large angry army of Samoans with spears and rifles, the Samoans will at least feel ten feet tall.
Pulp Figures 30mm vs Old Glory 25mm
With some staffing changes at work, I finally got a shelf for my cubi-office so the figures have a safe place to be displayed without little hands getting onto them.  Hopefully it gets crowded ASAP.

Next Up:  Samoan Rifles,  Matala'afa's Elite Guard and LOTS o' banana trees.

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