Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sometimes, the Ayes Don't Have It

I'm plugging along with the painting, although I took a night off to watch some Doctor Who reruns and remove all the malware my wife put on the computer. We're investigating his and her models with our refund check, and after tonight, that sounds like a brilliant idea.

While I'm knocking these minis out, I continually remember just how a difference 25mm is from 30mm and especially 30mm+ "gnome" minis.  Everything I've learned about painting recently has come from Jim "The Gnome Guy" Stanton and his Three Foot Technique. Essentially, the each figure doesn't need to be award winning quality, so long as the display on the table looks great collectively from, you guessed it, three feet away.

I've been able to take full advantage of the techniques for my gnomes, but tackling smaller figs, especially 25mm Old Glory figs was a bit painful. Now Bob Murch's Pulp Figures are beautfiul, clean 30mm figures, but the dman eyes elude me.  Perhaps it's as simple as not having small enough brushes, or cutting down on the caffeine jitters, but the eyes have been even more erratic than with my gnomes.

It's matter of practice and a run to get newer brushes, but I still have a LOT of figures to paint up (4 units minimum, and two of those are already blocked out).  With the Samoan spearmen that I need to set up for a photoshoot, I've done as two fewer figures in the past week than all the individual minis I've done over the past two years!   I'm still knocking the rust off, but Cold Wars is coming faster than I want to imagine.

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