Thursday, February 27, 2014

(Samoa) Federal Samoan Forces in Full!

The brushes are flying now!   Another unit of Tanu Loyalists has been finished, thus completing the Federal Samoan Forces for the 1st Battle of Vailele.

I know, I know, the dark red sarongs with the orange highlights are NOT historically accurate, but I wanted a distinct color difference between the two units, and the orange really pops out, although the already anachronistic figures with the undershirts look like their fresh out of a summertime blaxploitation movie.

One more unit to paint up for the Samoan "good guys", although my wife is on a secret mission to obtain the one paint color I don't have to finish them. *gasp*

The full Federal Samoan forces, along with their US Marine allies, prepped for battle on my cubicle diorama.

Next up:  I'm behind on a few regular posts, and halfway done with an old CoC actual play, but I've got a week to finish up the Samoan Rebels and British Sailors (and Gnome Sikhs... and everything else I keep mentioning..)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

(Samoa) Tanu Loyalist Rifles

We're not yet getting too close for comfort finishing up these Samoans, but the urge to end this national nightmare is there.

Plus I have half-painted Sikhs to finish for the Gnome Wars mega-game, some trenches to re-do, and, if they get done, I can spend a few moments of zen relaxation assembling banana trees.

For your viewing pleasure, one unit of "Federal Samoan" or forces loyal primarily to Prince Tanu.

Outside of a different color sarong, it's the same figures as the rebels.  The second unit will be done with the final push of the remaining rebel units, as all the second application of the base coats are done, so I'm down to details, shading, and flocking.

All painted units are back to the safety of my shelf at work.  The cats have been sorely tempted to replace their catnip with these.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Samoa Playtest and Roadside America

The Sunday out of my "Weekend with the Girls" was a lot less worry, as I shipped my youngest, Millie to my wife's cousins for an day of bounce houses and getting doted over by the extended family.  Maja and I went off to a nice breakfast at Austie's in Nanticoke as we attempted to plan our day.  Originally this was to be the Allentown Train Show, but possibly gaming venues as far south as Trenton made me reorganize my Saturday.  

Breakfast could have been sufficient for a great day.  I have many happy memories of sitting up at a diner counter with my Dad on the weekend mornings after my paper route was finished, and to have my little lady be big enough to do that with me makes all of the worries of the world go away.

Our potential gaming day was pretty much scrapped over miscommunication, thus saving me a lengthy drive, and testing my daughter's patience.  Per Maja's request, she wanted to see "more trains," so off we went to Roadside America.

Again, another rose-colored glasses view of my childhood, but this was a regular stop before we visit Christmas Village each December, and since we couldn't make the trip this year, this was a great time to make up for it. 

Maja's definitely my kid.  We took two trips around, one high/one low, before encountering the "night show" which comes from a time when such feelings of faith and patriotism were not exploited or disregarded for political gain.

Picture taken from
After getting stuck in traffic in Allentown for the latest and greatest craze in PennDOT construction, "Emergency Bridge Repair/Inspection", we made it to my buddy Brian's for a quick playtest of the CLA rules.
Using a shortened table with only five palm trees and no battlemat down, we ran through my Cold Wars scenarios, looking for adjustments I needed to make.  Let's just say, the mini-version played close, although the Samoan Loyalist were a bit too competent.

High point of the game for us was a unit of Samoan rebel speamen who managed to flank the (unpainted) British sailors, yet, despite outnumbering them, were slaughtered to a lone figure.   The warrior, the mythical Dontnowhento'gogo survived multiple morale tests and managed to re-engage into hand to hand before finally getting gunned down.

The Marines make it to the tree line outside Vailele
With the "historical" events of the battle never coming to fruition, and the Marines' Marksman ability, Brian was forced to get aggressive with his troops and actually advanced into the jungle.  In the end it was a rebel victory, and I have just enough tweaks to ensure this will work even smoother in two weeks.

On the way home, we searched far and wide for Wawas with Diet Lemonade Ice Tea for my wife, sang some songs, and basked in the glory off the truest statement Maja has ever said:

"You're the best Daddy in the whole wide world!" 

To make things even better, Girl Scout cookies arrived, and I couldn't help but set up this picture.   Two good nights and I'm just about done.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Allentown Train Show

This weekend I got zero painting done after Friday, but I did spend an enormous amount of quality time with the girls.  With my wife working all weekend, it was time to ignore household chores for one more weekend and take a drive

I didn't initially tell the girls where we were going, so they were excited:


Millie, My Giant Talking Strawberry
Maja, my oldest, is too smart for her own good, as she almost immediately guessed the ATMA Spring Thaw Train Meet, or, in 4-year old layman's term, the train show.  I took her by herself last year and it was a great day, so I decided to tempt fate and her three year old. 

In retrospect the only two issues I had for the day were the fast moving river that was the dirt parking lot at the fairgrounds in Allentown and my decision to keep my winter coat on inside while constantly picking up either child to get a better view of the layouts.   Once placated with a hot dog, Millie was her normal awesome self, and we spent four full hours watching train races, pointing out all the cool stuff on the layouts, and shopping, before training across the Lehigh Valley to visit my Mom.

My model train days are off in the distant past, unfortunately, but that doesn't mean it's just a nostalgia fuelled trip.   I restocked on some Zap a Gap, picked up over 2 feet of picket fencing (the British consulate in Samoa was surrounded by the stuff),  snagged some Matchbox Models of Yesteryear trucks cheap for military conversion, a missing chimney for a model I'm using for the British consulate, and two engineer hats for the girls.

The real steal of the show came from the most disheveled table there.   Someone was cleaning out of warehouse of old Lionel stuff and just had boxes of cabooses, boxes of boxcars, etc, and was willing to wheel and deal.

From these six tables I picked up the Lionel Oil Derrick for a few bucks

In actuality, I just grabbed the derrick (tower) portion.  It's a bit thick, but I've been looking for a basic structure to construct the radio tower, and this was worth the money to experiment.

Coming Next:  My Sunday with just Maja, and some actual gaming!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm a Winner, Too!

I don't go out of my way to promote most things on this blog, outside of gnomes and the occassional Kickstarter.  Despite that handy-dandy "Like" button on Facebook, I try to avoid doing much on that as well.  A basic concept of logarithms, a desire to keep my feed free of complete crap, and enough common sense that I won't get a free iPod or Bill Gates won't give me five grand for liking/sharing/commenting on a post keeps me out of trouble.

I've done two Facebook promotions over the five years I've had an account, both within the past year.  One was for a free copy of Tales of the Sleepless City via the Miskatonic University Podcast

The other was a quick like/comment/share from RAFM to celebrate hitting $31,000 for the second wave of 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu minis.  For all my "hard work" I was alerted Thursday night that I was, indeed, a winner!

I get a free copy of Little Jimmy Burke, Gangster:
Unpainted, of course
Another cool figure to go on the pile of stuff I want to paint.   Thanks RAFM!   Now work lightning fast so Little Jimmy can get eaten by the new version of the Shoggoth I ordered!

Friday, February 21, 2014

(Stat Crunch) House of R'lyeh

It's been awhile since I did a stat breakdown, and since I picked up House of R'lyeh, it's time to start adding everything up. 

For those not familiar with the concept, some CoC adventures seem to need out of the blue skills in the midst of the game, or better yet, three-quarters of the way through a campaign, some skill that had never been brought up before, like Other Language: Mandarin or Electrical Repair becomes to do or die skill of the session. There are reasons and assumptions given, but most keepers are trying to keep things together before things get stymied. 

Without spoiling too much for players, I'm listing the total number of skill checks mentioned (usually in bold) for each skill in the scenario.   

I also listed the total minimum and maximum SAN losses for the scenario, if all SAN checks were required.  That is followed by the range of SAN rewards if you meet the criteria, and, of course, survive. 

Finally, I list the "practical" potential of earning Cthulhu Mythos points.  Too many times I've seen extended campaigns that are recommended for new characters/players, yet by second or third scenario, CM rolls are part of the game, and the investigators haven't found or encountered any situation that would grant them even a 1% in it. 

I'm certainly not a killer Keeper, but I'm definitely not a softie either.  My players start the game on a slippery slope, I just want them to have a logical chance of success within the story...

... Before they're eaten by a shoggoth.

The Art of Madness
Credit Rating  x3
Cthulhu Mythos x2
Dodge x2
Fast talk x4
Hide x3
Law x4
Library Use  x4
Listen x5
Natural History  x1
Persuade x1
Psychology x4
Sneak x2
Spot Hidden x 7
Track x3

Min/Max SAN loss range 5-40
Min/Max SAN reward 4-24
Cthulhu Mythos - ZERO

The Crystal of Chaos
Archeology x1
Biology x1
Egyptology x1
Language: Italian x1
Library Use x6
Medicine x1
Persuade x2
Psyschology x1
Spot Hidden x4
Min/Max SAN loss range 4-35
Min/Max SAN reward  1-10
Cthulhu Mythos  +5%

The Return of the Hound Bargain x1
Credit Rating x3
Cthulhu Mythos x1
Fast Talk x5
First Aid x1
Geology x1
Grapple x1
History x1
Language: Dutch x1
Library Use x10
Medicine x1
Natural History x1
Navigate x1
Persuade x7
Punch x1
Spot Hidden x5
Min/Max SAN loss range 12-77
Min/Max SAN reward 5-38
Cthulhu Mythos *Special*  There is the potential for some game breakers and game enders, depending on your campaign.  Tread very carefully.

The Jermyn Horror
Anthropology x5
Art x2
Biology x6
Climb x3
Conceal x1
Credit Rating x2
Cthulhu Mythos x4
Dodge x5
Drive Auto x2
Fast Talk x1
First Aid x1
History x4
Locksmith  x1
Jump x4
Language: English x1
Language: Latin x1
Law x2
Library Use x25
Listen x3
Mechanical Repair x4
Medicine x8
Natural History x4
Navigation x2
Persuade x2
Psychology x3
Rifle x1
Sneak x1
Spot Hidden x13
Track x1
Min/Max SAN loss range 4-32
Min/Max SAN reward 4-24
Cthulhu Mythos:  +3%

Nameless City, Nameless Terror
Astronomy x1
Bargain x1
Cthulhu Mythos x6
Geology x1
Language: Arabic x1
Listen x2
Navigation x2+
Spot Hidden x4

Min/Max SAN loss range 11-201
Min/Max SAN reward 3-48
Cthulhu Mythos +22%

A better analysis of this will be in a review of my reading list on my cruise, once I get around to it....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop

I feel older everytime I venture out into this intra web thingy.

While I was familiar with National Blog Posting Month, I wasn't familiar with a "blog hop" which essentially is a more focused group of blogs all posting about even more specific questions pertaining to their group. 

Today I discovered the D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge, albeit three weeks in.  Twenty Eight days of D&D specific questions being covered by over 50 fifty blogs.  Thankfully, it does appear the bloggers are trying a bit more than a flavor variation of "Let me tell you about my character," although some of the questions ask exactly that, and rightfully so.

Between the Samoa project, the cruise, and the fact that I've covered a number of these questions before, I won't try to back track, but I will steal a few questions for future blog filler.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

(Gnome Wars) A Mepacon Blast From the Past

Cleaning out some old folders, I came upon these two pics from Mepacon 17 (November 2009).  This looks to be my evening Gnome Wars game recreating "The Well" scenario from the rulebook. 

It's sad that the Aussie Cavalry still isn't painted.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gaming ADHD Gets Me Again....

A cruise with four women (wife, daughters, and mother-in-law) is daunting, but my wife's forays to the casino and jewelry store have given me time alone on the our balcony to think, "What's next?"

The tax return is back, and I'm simply trying to assemble my shopping list for Cold Wars in a logical manner, and still give 25% of the budget to impulse buys. 

So, the poll goes up...

#1 Samoa...and Beyond!   Completion of the Second Samoan Civil War Project might be the greatest painting accomplishment in my lifetime (which isn't saying much).  I certainly can advance this concept, including more buildings for the Siege of Apia, more native huts and buildings for both 1st and 2nd civil war skirmishes.  I can also expand the world to include Germans and just about any nationality that peeked its head out for the Boxer Rebellion. 

#2 Gnome Wars - Great War  Gnome Wars is patterned after Trench Wars, a rule set for the Great War, and the "historical" figures and weapons are from that era, so it's an easy transition to former Balkan battles and lead into Rommel's first battles as an officer as detailed by the SkirmishElite Series.  I already have a unit of French Gnomes on my list for Cold Wars, might as well pick up two while I'm there.

#3 Cthulhu - not the RAFM Kickstarter, but the expanding of time we have to role-play, doubling down on the effort and ensuring I still have a full table.  This goes towards the actual play posts I've been delinquent  on as well.  My blog on  is catching up to where I stopped here rather quickly.  If I get to use the Kickstarter minis I got (plus the Tales of the Crescent City Kickstarter I pledged towards) it will simply be a bonus. 

#4 A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict - A Very British Civil War emits a quiet "sweeet..." every time I see it, but when I saw this a Swedish version, with a line of minis AND a player who loves scratch building and kitbashing Swedish style buildings, I'd like to dive into this HARD. 

#5 Gnomish Space Marines -  Some Squats, some scrunts, and some WFB goblins portraying primitive Martians, it's still out there as a thought in a part Minis/part RPG game. I'm a copy of Laserburn and a copy of Rogue Trader away, perhaps. Great thing about the GSM project is that I can drop a lot in Wally's Basement (aka the Flea Market) on miscellaneous sci-fi figs.

#6 "Home"  a few more Pulp Figure Islanders with melee weapons and I could get some significant boost for my Polynesian Fantasy RPG. It would be basic D&D with Hackmaster honor and criticals, with BRP skills and advancement based on impaling successes.

#7 AWI 54mm I still have a number of All the King's Men 54mm AWI hiding in my garage and I should either paint and play with them, or get them to a good home.  Ken Cliffe, ATKM's proprietor would have a heart attack if I dropped more than $30 a con at his table.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I Have Returned!

My week long cruise to the Bahamas with the familia has concluded and I am back to at least 20 inches of new snow to shovel.

My reading list I brought with me almost got finished (I'll stand by my stats of 2 out of 3 books is better than the actual page count.). There will be reviews of the books on another post. 

I never even got the chance to plug in the podcasts I downloaded, although I did put together a side project on a sea day, again future blog post. 

Outside of seeing some dude with Settlers of Catan going through security the only gaming I got done was some Fluxx with the wife on our double balcony while leaving Freeport.  

The only other thing of note was the appearance of the HMBS Nassau at King George Wharf.  We're used to seeing the HMBS Bahamas there the last two years, so this one was an added bonus.

Back to the grind!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

(Samoa) Mata'afan Rifles

Halfway through my cruise, the prescheduled posts bring the truth out.  Instead of getting a good night's sleep the day before I left, I was up half the night with some kids who just happened to get sick at the worst time possible, and the other half painting up another unit so I have less to paint when I get back.

No staging, no nice camera, I present the first unit Mata'afan (Rebel) Rifles:

The thumb does not add nor subtract from the unit's value.
The Samoan rebels were armed similarly as their Loyalist counterparts, but they did have a more eclectic collection of older rifles.

All of the rebels' lava-lava (sarongs) are going to be khaki, with a colored stripe(s) down the side to differentiate them.  Our one anachronistic figure, the gent with the undershirt and pants, has stripe down the back of his shirt.

Outside of touch up, all but 12 of my figures left are these Island Provisional Fighters from Pulp Figures, so they should be a breeze. Yes, they have facial hair, but they are the closest figures to Samoans that are out there... unitl Bob Murch sculpts some "true" Samoans.  If that ever happens, I'll be as happy as a clam.

50 down.... 62 to go...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

(Samoa) Mata'afan Elite Guards

Today's finished unit is the one that is entirely fictional, but inspired by true events, the Mata'afan Elite Guard (hereafter mentioned as MEG).

One of the pictures I pulled up was a small formation of Samoans in smart dark uniforms with a single shot rifles and wearing turbans a la the Sikhs.  Date and western power that armed and trained them varied from site to site, but evidence suggested a decade before during the first Samoan crisis.    I took some liberties and here's the rebels answer to an elite unit for the board.

The MEG were a German trained unit loyal to the King during the First Samoan Civil War.  When peace was obtained, weapons and equipment were stowed away in their homes, but pieces, if not the entire uniform, were used in day to day living.  

When the Second Samoan Civil War broke out, they decided to pledge loyalty to the German-backed Mata'afa and cobbled together their uniforms with varying success.  These are not the Askaris of legend in Southeast Africa, rather an older, slightly experienced group who's aware of what it takes to fight the Europeans... and have tailored their uniforms to varying degrees for use in the tropical paradise.

Tactical 4 - Morale 4.   No specials. 

For the figures I used some Great War Nigerians from Brigade Games.  Apparently they're not a correct sculpt for the actual unit, so I might as well steal them for Samoa!  The eyes are getting a bit better and the only gripe that I have (a white line at the cuff of the shorts makes them more suitable for the basketball court than the battlefield) was something I could accept before I started paiting.

(L to R) Brigade Games, Old Glory, Pulp Figures
40 down - 72 to go.....

Monday, February 10, 2014

(Samoa) Samoan Spearmen, Part Two

This the first of hopefully a week long display of painting for my upcoming Second Samoan Civil War game at Cold Wars while I'm adrift in international waters.

Today is the second batch of ten Melanesian Island Warriors that I'll be using as scouts for the game.

A little shiney, but with the way they'll be handled, the extra lacquer is worth it.

All twenty make a formidable looking foe.
And my shelf at work gets a little more crowded....

32 down - 80 to go

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm on a Boat, Y'all...

By the time most of you get up, or finally break away from The Walking Dead marathon on AMC, I will be at least through security in an undisclosed port terminal, awaiting boarding onto a week-long cruise.  If you've followed the blog in the past, you'll see my itinerary in previous years, we're an unpredictable family.

The ship seems a bit smaller than in years past.....

Anyway, for the week I'm gone, hopefully, I've scheduled a few posts to pop up showcasing the painting I've done through the first five weeks of the year.  Everything is still on schedule.

I'm not worried about broadcasting my vacation online, all vital documents and valuables are not at my house, a cheese curl covered TV and doll parts would be the only easy take for would be robbers.  The Samoans, like their rebel counterparts, are hiding in an undisclosed site.

In fact, my only worry is if the DVR is going to record the new episode of The Walking Dead.  I don't believe the TV on the boat has AMC...  Last year we happened to leave on the Super Bowl and they broadcast the game in the giant theatre.  Perhaps one day the geeky will get that cred.

See you online for real on the 17th!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Eureka Releases 28mm Mogadishu Somalis & African Market

This is the time of year I dread/love.  As I slowly assemble my shopping list for Cold Wars from my tax return, more and more shiney things pop up to catch my eye and dwindle my funds.

Apparently I missed the soft release of the 28mm Mogadishu Somalis and African Market at Fall-in! last year, but they're getting formerly released for Cold Wars this year.

The bare headed Somalis are definitely East African in appearance, althought the masked gunmen can definitely be used elsewhere in the world.  

The African market is not only available as a large set, but individual stalls (and appropriate figures) are available as well.   Stalls selling wristwatches are fairly modern, but other stalls have "remain unchanged in marketplaces for hundreds of years" (/end announcer voice).

The six figure packs of gunmen are going for $24.20 on the Eureka USA site, the mob of 8 looks to be $17.60. for more info.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mepacon Spring 2014 GM Registration is Open

As if my own personal birthday con wasn't awesome enough, GM registration has opened up for Mepacon, April 4-6, still at the Ramada in Clarks Summit, PA.

I'm running the Samoa game, not because it will be a great pull, but if it's succesful, I can focus on other battles, different figures, and expanding it perhaps to an Imagi-nation polynesian campaign.

If it doesn't pan out, I'll be disappointed, but I focus my energies on a new project.  I have more of those than time left in my life if I lived as a sea turtle.  They live to 150, right?  for more information

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Viscount's Birthday Extravaganza and Game Day

One of the world's best kept secrets is that I'm turning 40 in April (most people think I'm MUCH older than that.)

Even though my wife has known me for 9  1/2 years, she admits defeat when it comes to my hobbies.  She did pick up the 20th Anniversary Edition of CoC one year, but that was an awesome fluke.  

This year she decided the easiest thing was renting a fire hall and inviting all of my "little gaming friends". 

Essentially, she just gave me a con for my birthday.  Isn't she the greatest?

So on April 19th there will be gaming at the Wright Twp Fire Hall in Mountain Top, PA, from 8am till 11pm.  I've invited a number of random friends I haven't seen in awhile, plus a the regular crews and I anticipate fun, fun, and a little more fun.  In actuality, everyone is welcome, so long as they contact me and get a confirmation before they just show up.  We may ask random dudes showing up for a couple bucks to offset the cost of the hall and increased cost of snacks.

It's not a true con, in the sense that there will be dealers, raffles, auctions, game company sponsors, a paint-n-take, etc...

Waitaminute, who am I kidding, outside of dealers and auctions (which involve the municipal authorities and definitely violate the terms of the rental agreement), we can probably do the rest.  If anyone has any game company contacts, we are pondering some charity stuff, some to the fire hall (so they want us back), and some to my wife's new life path, errr, I mean favorite charity, A Postive Promise Pit Bull Foundation.  The goal here is not to make a cent off of this.  It's a birthday party, not a professionally run con.  I also have to make sure stuff like that doesn't violate the terms of the rental. 

The only things I know we can't allow are things that may bring in the ATF
  • No alcohol - that was the only thing they were sticklers about.
  • No smoking
  • No firearms - I only mention that because it's a long standing con rule, and it fits the ATF comparison
I've added a page here for the events listing.  So far I've put in two games: my Samoan game, because if I'm painting all these damn guys, I'm going to play with them, as well as a Gnome Wars game involving princesses, mice,and  heavy artillery.  I'm accepting submissions for other games to be set up in a pool play.  D&D, Apples to Apples, Pictionary, 1st Edition Recon, or a Talisman mega-game, it doesn't matter.  If we have players wanting to play, the games will get run. 

One thing I may do is a late night RISUS IOU game for anybody interested.  One thing I won't do is run my Call of Cthulhu campaign.  That is for another weekend, unless I can get three players on Easter Sunday.

Oh course, if you're looking for a gift for the man who games everything... time to put gold-plated dice on my wishlist. (Just kidding, no gift is required for admittance)

Edit: Updated the link for the events page and some contact info. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Preconceived Notion of Going Bat-Poop Crazy

I bore easily of the "badwrongfun" model of genres and edition wars.  I know, I know, houseruling that one rule you love completely destroys your hope in humanity.

Except when it comes to Sanity in Call of Cthulhu.  There are too major camps when dealing with it in CoC:  the "traditionalists" who don't believe a session is successful unless everyone is either in a sanitarium or shoggoth food.  There are also the "new school" people who find Sanity checks an unnecessary nuisance, since they interupt the real portions of the story, be it chacter interaction, back story, or killing everything Mythos related they can to rack up a Monty Haul styled horror game.

It gets my goat, because I believe in a healthy dose of SAN loss, but not the stereotypical response.

Take this, for example.

I know, classic Cthulhu scene.   Let's take a look at our three protagonists. 

The dude by the car?  50/50 he's either failed a SAN check and petrified, or he just knows he's screwed.  There's no chance at grabbing the gun/tome/elder sign from the car.

The bald dude who "looks silly"?  That's classic catatonia, any SAN adventurer doesn't glare at the Mythos menacingly unless they want to become the Cthonian's Chowder on a snowy afternoon.

The "crazy" guy?  He's the guaranteed to be the sanest one of the bunch.   In a game of "live to fight another day/scene" most good Keepers allow an investigator a sliver of a chance at survival if all they do is say the equivilant of "crap" and hightail it out of there, usually relying on the "I don't have to be the fastest, just not the slowest," to possibly escape.

It's all a matter of perspective, people.

But if my group ever gets back together (my bad), if they encounter that in the streets of New York , I'm pretty sure we're rolling characters for Spawn of Azathoth in a few minutes.   Eight foot Asians are terrifying enough for them.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Apathy of the New Releases (February '14)

I know January has gone by with a blur when one moment I'm anticipating the next issue of Game Trade Magazine in a little more than a week, yet Thursday night I frantically ran to the website to download the pdf a full ten days after it was released.

Was it worth waking up and downloading?

Is my monthly column called "More Awesome Stuff Coming Out"?  *yawn*

Still, there are companies out there rolling around in Scrooge McDuck's money he finds in the dryer, so someone is patiently waiting for this stuff to come out.  Let us begin...

(EDIT: I was wrong with my initial impressions.  If I ever set foot in a game store with a "New Release" display, the product for March and April would certainly make me stop and peruse them.)

My "Must-Have" List

My "Money is No Object" List
Burning Wheel
Burning Wheel - Torchbearer ......................................... $35.00
Classic, old-school dungeon delving using Burning Wheel, although from the description it looks like they're using the slightly more streamlined Mouse Guard Approach.

Catalyst Game Labs
Henchman: The Game of Surviving Evil Masterminds ...... $29.95
Congratulations! As the new franchise owner of a Henchman Unlimited Agency, you providethe needed minions for many of the world’s most discriminating villains as they implement their master plans. Survivors often claim that the experience is quite rewarding. But beware those doomsday plans! Commit Henchmen to do your bidding to resolve Evil Plans through missions, and use subterfuge to discourage (or eliminate) rival Henchmen. In the gentle, occasionally irradiated, afterglow of a successful Evil Plan, Major Villains choose the Henchman of the Month and that Henchman is moved to the Back Office.

Cubicle 7
Doctor Who RPG: Adventures in Time and Space Limted Edition Rulebook HC.... $49.99
This is more to look pretty on a bookshelf than anything. 

Goodman Games
Age Of Cthulhu: Starfall Over The Plateau Of Leng ................................................ $12.99

My Imaginary Store List

ARES Games - New Wings of Glory Planes .................. $14.90-19.90 ea
My imaginary store would have a larger historical bent than most, and Wings of Glory fits that niche just like X-Wing covers sci-fi.  Unfortunately, none of the stores I frequent or even follow on Facebook/Twitter even stock the line, so it appears it would have more success as dealer fodder at a convention.

The Army Painter
Tool: Cutting Mat, A4 Size ............................................... $ 8.99

Atlas Games
Ars Magica - Hooks ......................................................... $22.95
Once Upon a Time: Knight Tales Expansion ...................... $12.95

Catalyst Game Labs
Shadowrun RPG: Beginner Box Set ................................... $19.99
A starter set for $20 may be a little sparse, but it's far better than some $40 monstrosity that barely gets you in the door.  Bravo Catalyst!
Shadowrun Rpg: Runners Toolkit Alphaware Box Set ........ $59.99
Although $60 for the "stepping stone" to the full rulebook is just as bad.

Evil Hat Productions
Fate: Fate Freeport Companion ......................................... $20.00

Fantasy Flight
Blue Max ........................................................................... $49.95
Talisman: The Firelands Expansion ...................................... $24.95
Only War RPG: Shield of Humanity .................................... $39.95
Star Wars RPG: Edge of the Empire - The Jewel of Yavin .. $29.95

Goodman Games
Dungeon Crawl Classics: #82 - Bride Of The Black Manse . $ 9.99

Looney Labs
Loonacy ............................................................................. $15.00

Paizo Publishing
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Sins Of The Saviors Adventure Deck........................$19.99
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Combat ............................................................$19.99
Pathfinder Player Companion: Alchemy Manual .............................................................$12.99
Pathfinder Cards: Wrath Of The Righteous Face Cards Deck ........................................$10.99
Pathfinder Tales: The Redemption Engine .......................................................................$ 9.99

Palladium Books
Rifter #66 ............................................................................ $11.95
Robotech Rpg: United Earth Expeditionary Force Marines.... $20.95

Sneak Attack Press
Broken Earth
            Pathfinder Edition ..................................................... $35.99
            Savage Worlds Edition ............................................. $35.99
A third party RPG with two different printings?  Strange.  I remember the rise and fall of dual-statted books, but this looks very questionable, like Blood Dawn questionable.

Steve Jackson Games
Munchkin: Bag o' Munchkin Zombies .................................... $ 6.95

Twilight Creations
Jupiter Rescue ....................................................................... $49.99
With a sci-fi themed game, it took me a second to remember that Twilight Creations makes the Zombies!!! games.  It looks like a combination of Space Hulk and Zombies!, although further research could prove me wrong.  I hope it does.

Dc Heroclix: Batman Arkham Origins Quick-start Kit 2-pack
Divergent Movie: Strategy Board Game ................................. $19.99
Iron Maiden: The Ultimate Ed-venture Strategy Game ............ $24.99
Star Trek Attack Wing: Wave 5 Expansion Packs ................. $14.99-24.99 ea
Star Trek Attack Wing: Wave 6 Expansion Packs ................. $14.99 ea

Wyrd Games
Malifaux 2nd Edition Rules Manual ........................................ $15.00