Friday, February 7, 2014

Eureka Releases 28mm Mogadishu Somalis & African Market

This is the time of year I dread/love.  As I slowly assemble my shopping list for Cold Wars from my tax return, more and more shiney things pop up to catch my eye and dwindle my funds.

Apparently I missed the soft release of the 28mm Mogadishu Somalis and African Market at Fall-in! last year, but they're getting formerly released for Cold Wars this year.

The bare headed Somalis are definitely East African in appearance, althought the masked gunmen can definitely be used elsewhere in the world.  

The African market is not only available as a large set, but individual stalls (and appropriate figures) are available as well.   Stalls selling wristwatches are fairly modern, but other stalls have "remain unchanged in marketplaces for hundreds of years" (/end announcer voice).

The six figure packs of gunmen are going for $24.20 on the Eureka USA site, the mob of 8 looks to be $17.60. for more info.

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