Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gaming ADHD Gets Me Again....

A cruise with four women (wife, daughters, and mother-in-law) is daunting, but my wife's forays to the casino and jewelry store have given me time alone on the our balcony to think, "What's next?"

The tax return is back, and I'm simply trying to assemble my shopping list for Cold Wars in a logical manner, and still give 25% of the budget to impulse buys. 

So, the poll goes up...

#1 Samoa...and Beyond!   Completion of the Second Samoan Civil War Project might be the greatest painting accomplishment in my lifetime (which isn't saying much).  I certainly can advance this concept, including more buildings for the Siege of Apia, more native huts and buildings for both 1st and 2nd civil war skirmishes.  I can also expand the world to include Germans and just about any nationality that peeked its head out for the Boxer Rebellion. 

#2 Gnome Wars - Great War  Gnome Wars is patterned after Trench Wars, a rule set for the Great War, and the "historical" figures and weapons are from that era, so it's an easy transition to former Balkan battles and lead into Rommel's first battles as an officer as detailed by the SkirmishElite Series.  I already have a unit of French Gnomes on my list for Cold Wars, might as well pick up two while I'm there.

#3 Cthulhu - not the RAFM Kickstarter, but the expanding of time we have to role-play, doubling down on the effort and ensuring I still have a full table.  This goes towards the actual play posts I've been delinquent  on as well.  My blog on Yog-sothoth.com  is catching up to where I stopped here rather quickly.  If I get to use the Kickstarter minis I got (plus the Tales of the Crescent City Kickstarter I pledged towards) it will simply be a bonus. 

#4 A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict - A Very British Civil War emits a quiet "sweeet..." every time I see it, but when I saw this a Swedish version, with a line of minis AND a player who loves scratch building and kitbashing Swedish style buildings, I'd like to dive into this HARD. 

#5 Gnomish Space Marines -  Some Squats, some scrunts, and some WFB goblins portraying primitive Martians, it's still out there as a thought in a part Minis/part RPG game. I'm a copy of Laserburn and a copy of Rogue Trader away, perhaps. Great thing about the GSM project is that I can drop a lot in Wally's Basement (aka the Flea Market) on miscellaneous sci-fi figs.

#6 "Home"  a few more Pulp Figure Islanders with melee weapons and I could get some significant boost for my Polynesian Fantasy RPG. It would be basic D&D with Hackmaster honor and criticals, with BRP skills and advancement based on impaling successes.

#7 AWI 54mm I still have a number of All the King's Men 54mm AWI hiding in my garage and I should either paint and play with them, or get them to a good home.  Ken Cliffe, ATKM's proprietor would have a heart attack if I dropped more than $30 a con at his table.

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