Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm on a Boat, Y'all...

By the time most of you get up, or finally break away from The Walking Dead marathon on AMC, I will be at least through security in an undisclosed port terminal, awaiting boarding onto a week-long cruise.  If you've followed the blog in the past, you'll see my itinerary in previous years, we're an unpredictable family.

The ship seems a bit smaller than in years past.....

Anyway, for the week I'm gone, hopefully, I've scheduled a few posts to pop up showcasing the painting I've done through the first five weeks of the year.  Everything is still on schedule.

I'm not worried about broadcasting my vacation online, all vital documents and valuables are not at my house, a cheese curl covered TV and doll parts would be the only easy take for would be robbers.  The Samoans, like their rebel counterparts, are hiding in an undisclosed site.

In fact, my only worry is if the DVR is going to record the new episode of The Walking Dead.  I don't believe the TV on the boat has AMC...  Last year we happened to leave on the Super Bowl and they broadcast the game in the giant theatre.  Perhaps one day the geeky will get that cred.

See you online for real on the 17th!

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