Thursday, February 27, 2014

(Samoa) Federal Samoan Forces in Full!

The brushes are flying now!   Another unit of Tanu Loyalists has been finished, thus completing the Federal Samoan Forces for the 1st Battle of Vailele.

I know, I know, the dark red sarongs with the orange highlights are NOT historically accurate, but I wanted a distinct color difference between the two units, and the orange really pops out, although the already anachronistic figures with the undershirts look like their fresh out of a summertime blaxploitation movie.

One more unit to paint up for the Samoan "good guys", although my wife is on a secret mission to obtain the one paint color I don't have to finish them. *gasp*

The full Federal Samoan forces, along with their US Marine allies, prepped for battle on my cubicle diorama.

Next up:  I'm behind on a few regular posts, and halfway done with an old CoC actual play, but I've got a week to finish up the Samoan Rebels and British Sailors (and Gnome Sikhs... and everything else I keep mentioning..)

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