Wednesday, February 12, 2014

(Samoa) Mata'afan Rifles

Halfway through my cruise, the prescheduled posts bring the truth out.  Instead of getting a good night's sleep the day before I left, I was up half the night with some kids who just happened to get sick at the worst time possible, and the other half painting up another unit so I have less to paint when I get back.

No staging, no nice camera, I present the first unit Mata'afan (Rebel) Rifles:

The thumb does not add nor subtract from the unit's value.
The Samoan rebels were armed similarly as their Loyalist counterparts, but they did have a more eclectic collection of older rifles.

All of the rebels' lava-lava (sarongs) are going to be khaki, with a colored stripe(s) down the side to differentiate them.  Our one anachronistic figure, the gent with the undershirt and pants, has stripe down the back of his shirt.

Outside of touch up, all but 12 of my figures left are these Island Provisional Fighters from Pulp Figures, so they should be a breeze. Yes, they have facial hair, but they are the closest figures to Samoans that are out there... unitl Bob Murch sculpts some "true" Samoans.  If that ever happens, I'll be as happy as a clam.

50 down.... 62 to go...

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