Monday, February 10, 2014

(Samoa) Samoan Spearmen, Part Two

This the first of hopefully a week long display of painting for my upcoming Second Samoan Civil War game at Cold Wars while I'm adrift in international waters.

Today is the second batch of ten Melanesian Island Warriors that I'll be using as scouts for the game.

A little shiney, but with the way they'll be handled, the extra lacquer is worth it.

All twenty make a formidable looking foe.
And my shelf at work gets a little more crowded....

32 down - 80 to go


  1. Great job! Looking forward to the game. Enjoy your cruise!

  2. Hey Eric,
    Love the figures. If you want to get rid of that glossy shine, try spraying on Testors Dullcote. It comes in little spray can for roughly $5 and is found at many hobby shops...particularly ones that sell models. It works wonders.