Wednesday, February 26, 2014

(Samoa) Tanu Loyalist Rifles

We're not yet getting too close for comfort finishing up these Samoans, but the urge to end this national nightmare is there.

Plus I have half-painted Sikhs to finish for the Gnome Wars mega-game, some trenches to re-do, and, if they get done, I can spend a few moments of zen relaxation assembling banana trees.

For your viewing pleasure, one unit of "Federal Samoan" or forces loyal primarily to Prince Tanu.

Outside of a different color sarong, it's the same figures as the rebels.  The second unit will be done with the final push of the remaining rebel units, as all the second application of the base coats are done, so I'm down to details, shading, and flocking.

All painted units are back to the safety of my shelf at work.  The cats have been sorely tempted to replace their catnip with these.

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