Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dwarven Forge's 2nd Kickstarter is Live... and Exploding

It's been years since I collected Dwarven Forge.  Their dungeon set-up and accessories was something I always aspired to as I ran my Hackmaster campaign over a decade ago, but other expenses and hobbies took over. 

Dwarven Forge just started their second Kickstarter, this time for their Caverns set.   It's set up economically, with one hand-painted set going for $110, but unpainted versions of the sets in "Dungeon Gray" for $75, and the discounts get better from their if you pledge for multiple sets.

Dungeon Gray

Expertly Hand Painted
I held off on posting about this for a few days, as I just posted about my Samoa game, and I have another post planned for Friday already.   I don't think my little blog promotion will affect whether they meet their goal, as their $100,000 initial goal was met in TEN MINUTES!    As I type this post on Thursday, a mere 29 hours after kickoff, the pledge total is over $775,000 with eight different stretch goals unlocked. 

At the time this is getting posting the first 1,000 pledges for one set will probably be met and the next batch will get listed for a slightly higher ($5-10) price.  With $80+ retail value in the free stretch goal product, it will still be a bargain.

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