Thursday, March 6, 2014

(Gnome Wars) Saragarhi Sikhs and Destroys!

Apparently my wife like my new dedication to painting.  She's admitted that my work table is comfy place for us to "talk" (aka I "listen"), so me painting through the wee hours is okay with her. 

After painting 112 figures for my Samoa game, a five ton weight is finally off my chest, but there are plenty of two ton weights holding my attention. 

I managed to complete part of my remaining obligation last night.  My obligatory Sikh unit for the Gnome Wars Saragarhi Mega-Game at Cold Wars is complete to it's minimal requirements.

 It was fun reminder just how easier it is to paint these "Gnome Heroic Scale" 30mm figures.  I kept a very dull palate and slightly darker shading to reflect the desolate nature of the Northwest Frontier.  I was very pleased to find both the Sikh Muscian and the Sergeant Major in separate boxes.  Realizing the Sergeant Major is wearing a kilt did not make my evening. 

My only regret is that I did not do anything regarding the bases until it was time to flock them.  This will be the last unit on 1" washers, as I still have a sizable container of mdf bases left, and will be stockpiling them for future projects.
Follow me, men!  Onwards, to glorious death!
Glue continues to be my nemesis this weekend, as I've finished off two bottles and found two additional bottles completely hardened.  Just another errand to run before I can relax on Friday.

The trenches have also proven to be difficult, as I foolishly combine a cardboard base with modeling clay.  I think I can finish it up tonight, but transport may prove my biggest challenge.

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