Monday, March 31, 2014

More Artizan Designs' The Midnight Workshop Figures

As I'm a bit backlogged in cool stuff to report to the world (woo!), those of you who checked out my last post on the Artizan Designs Borderlands figure may have noticed some dystopian Victorian Steampunk figures and a few British Stiff-Upper Lip Military types.  These are part of their FOG line (The Red Planet) within their non-historical umbrella of The Midnight Workshop. 

The military figures are part of their 28mm Martian line they plan on adding to.

Colonel Lattimer
 At first glance, I saw nothing wrong with the officer, outside the requisite goggles, but upon the fourth viewing I finally saw the mechanical leg! 

Rifleman Moore
Great looking figures, decently priced (about US $4), and absolutely fabulous moustaches!  Like the Borderlands figures, these should be carried by Brigade Games in the States as well.

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