Monday, March 10, 2014

Netherworld 's Edge Mice To Be Distributed by ZombieSmith

Good Lord, after a Cold Wars where nothing jumped out and shook me (con report to follow), I got clobbered by this as I opened up TMP:

Zombiesmith announces carrying their first Flytrap Factory releases:  Netherworld's Edge Mice and Mercenaries!

They look better than the Eureka mice, although I still prefer the Mice Warriors for large units, and they're on par with the Reaper Mouslings quality and pricewise ($3.00/fig).   The whole idea of the "generic" mouse figure is something that has eluded the brains at Reaper.  The bulk discount is something else that Reaper has dropped the ball on.  Let's be honest, I can't imagine a world where a set of ten unique by generic fighting mice would NOT outsell the tavern set.

As if that isn't cool enought, they followed up the post with some future releases:

Perhaps there was a reason when I decided not to run that Mouse Guard Pirate game...

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