Friday, March 14, 2014

ViscountEric's Horns of the Buffalo

Earlier, I had set up a poll on my blog, simply asking, "What should my next project be?"  The poll ended, and what do you know, there was a tie.  That tie, coupled with feedback I received about the blog while I was at Cold Wars, resulted in a three way tie.

  • Samoa - The con games went off without a hitch, it's fairly unique, and I enjoy painting the figures.  I could split this off into two distinct projects: (a) The Siege of Apia, which might require a few more Samoan spearmen, and a LOT of buildings and (b) A "What-if?" game for Fall-in!'s Great War theme.  "What if German/Samoan forces were significant enough to resist the New Zealand occupation. I'd need to find New Zealand ANZAC figs in bulk and on the cheap, but this one might be fun.  Regardless, it's time to become the lone Samoa expert in HMGS.
  • Gnome Wars - Like I could avoid this?  Outside of a LOT of touch up and some major repainting of figures, I'd be looking into a unit of French so I could run the Skirmish Elite Great War Campaign with a Young Erwin Rommel to celebrate the 100th Anniversary. 
  • Teddy Bear Pirates.. and Beyond!  With the purchase of the Teddy Bear Pirates, the girls went totally ballistic and have been bugging me to start painting them already.  I also had demand from some readers I met at Cold Wars for more Daddy/Daughter gaming, and this fits the bill perfectly.  With a few ships, Teddy Bear and Gnome enemies, and some Mage Knight treasure chests, I can easily throw together something small at a moments notice.  Then, Mike Lung caught wind of my plan  and sent me this:

Of course, I took this for my new picture on the front of my blog.  It covers the feel for my recent gaming, and direction I want it go further, perfectly.  Major plug to Travis Hanson, who Mike first discovered on  I'll have a whole write-up of the fellow in the near future.  I sense a bit of the Eureka Teddy Bears in his art, a bit of the Gnome Wars fun feel, and a vibe that would scream "Let's Go Exploring"  in another cartoon.  I haven't even read anything and I'm hooked.  Hopefully I'll get the girls hooked in short order.

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