Monday, March 3, 2014

Zap-a-Gap in the Eyes is NOT Fun!

Less than a week away from Cold Wars and I'm just about done with everything I need to run my game. One hundred %&%!%!@#$!@# figures painted!  Only eight more to detail up and 4 "individual" figures need a bit more than block painting to finish them.  I would have had those done too, but I believe I have succumbed to the foul mistress which  is Zap-a-Gap.  After I snagging a new bottle at the train show last weekend, I decided to finish each figure from the base down, so I could just get basing over with.  The assembly line process has been working pretty well for painting, but I do believe I got a half-dried particle in my eye yesterday afternoon and outside the occasional sharp pain in the eye, I'm exhibiting the same allergic reaction that I suffered when my dear aunt brought her dog to stay with us over a decade ago.

I'll be running over to the drug store on my break at work to try and dislodge this particle from my eye, but while I need to wait for that, let's look at the Material Safety Sheet for Zap-a-Gap CA+.

This better clear up, I've got Sikhs to paint tonight and trenches to finish.    

Either it's this, or I'm allergic to my whole family.  Took me long enough!

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