Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogger Stats

I'll admit upfront that I'm a statistics whore.  Sports stats, economic data, you name it, I like to compile and compare it.  I'm not a savant of the less tangible stats, like walk-to-rbi-to-on base percentage, or higher level min-maxing of characters, although I can appreciate something calculated with a bit a finese.

It should be no surprise then that I love that Blogger provides statistical breakdown for viewing activity.  As I creep closer to 100,000 page views later this year, I'm amazed at what leads people to my blog.  When I hit the earlier milestones (25K, 50K), I did a breakdown of what brings people here the most, and it hasn't really changed:   Gnomes, Mouslings, Settlers of Catan, and a weird Eastern European search for "1 maja 8, kudowazdrj"   The results seem to vary between music and porn, so I don't pursue them any further. 

Recently, I've had a spike in views from "zombie cakes,"  thanks to a measely post I did about my friend's birthday cake for her 5-year old.  I haven't looked around since, but her's is not the only family with strange zombie-loving children.

The whole reason I though about writing today was after looking at the stats for the past 24 hours, my current top 3 searches are:
  • East Stroudsburg Gamers Edge
  • Pops Culture Shop Wellsboro
  • Ron Meischker
This brings me to only two conclusions (1) I need to review more current stores, if I can get to them.  Life is getting crazier, but checking out stores only costs gas and time, perhaps I can arrange a little of both.  (2) It might be wise to review older/closed stores with an admitted nostalgic bias to show what I really am looking for a store, and possibly realized that the good ol' days weren't always good (tomorrow still looks pretty bleak, Billy Joel, no matter what you say). 

I WILL have an ice cold beer in the shade, thanks BJ!

I have a review of my old store, Griffon Games in the 20-some odd blog drafts I have on here, but I may need to expand that. 

And maybe I can get my wife to start decorating cakes again.  With a few zombie cakes I might be able to spin this off onto a new blog, or have my wife start her own.  Because when she said yes many moons ago, her first thoughts were a house, kids, and a zombie cake blog.  That I haven't been suffocated in my sleep is proof alone that she loves me.

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