Thursday, April 10, 2014

Invincible Overlord's Kickstarter isn't as Invincible to me...

Recently, my blog has been overflowing with posts covering every little facet that I normally cover. 

This is just an amusing anecdote:

I was cleaning out my garage recently, desperately sorting out stuff to store before the garage doors stay permanently open and I'm stuck doing yard work until Halloween.  One stack of stuff was a pile from Mepacon Fall 2013 that I had never even looked through!  Somehow I had snagged up a mint copy of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play (1st Edition), and  I have to admit, I like the way most of the system work.  I love how you start as a minor or apprentice-style class (this is where the ill-humored ratcatcher is) and as you gain experience you are allowed to move to a different class.   Some moves are advances, some lateral, and even some are steps back to have the character move in a different direction.    I'll need to look at it more to see if something like this can be introduced into my Georic homebrew campaign world, or perhaps my "Home" Polynesian campaign would benefit more from it. 

Outside of a copy of Aces of Aces, I was forced to laugh when I found the 3.5 hardcover of the City-State of the Invincible Overlord.  Given that I had already pledged a buck and was pondering more towards the dual-statted Pathfinder Kickstarter, it's a welcome relief that I can use this.  Will it be as comprehensive and awesome as the Kickstarter, much less the original books?  Absolutely not, but with my gaming time next to nothing, I simply can not justify overspending on product that I'm never going to use. 

Sorry, Judge's Guild, you're only getting a buck...  but I hope a million other people donate a buck to. 

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