Friday, April 11, 2014

(Kickstarter) Darkest Star Games 15mm Tanks

Oh curse you Kickstarter!  Yet another project that piques my interest, and I don't even play 15mm Sci-Fi!

The latest potential bane to my incredibly shrinking wallet it Darkest Star Games Kickstarter for a line of 15mm Sci-Fi Tanks and Infantry.

Now, I don't play 15mm, but with that infernal buck "atta boy" pledge I can see how far this party goes, and just how much stuf I could get, as well as how much plasma I need to donate to pay for it all.

I also haven't the foggiest notion as to what a good price for a 15mm tank is, regardless of era, although with the pledge levels, I have a rough idea.  A single tank (plus US shipping) is $18, and stretch goal add-ons are available with that, but who needs one tank?  At $100, you receive 8 vehicles (in groups of 4) plus access to add-ons, plus potential freebies on four stretch goals.  If you lowball the value of the freebies at $15 apiece, that's 12 vehicles for a hundred bucks, or eight buck a piece.   Now a bad way to start your foray into the scale. 

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