Tuesday, April 15, 2014

(Kickstarter) A Week Left for Tanner Jones

Taxes are done! (State and Local.  Federal was done months ago!)  Now I can focus on my birthday-con on the 19th, my wife's super-secret insanity inducing projects, and following my Kickstarters to completion.

My biggest pledge for still active Kickstarter is Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone and that ends next Tuesday!  While the campaign easily funded and the first stretch goal for a higher quality book was reached, I'm beginning to doubt if it can hit the next goal, which includes a Tanner Jones coloring book with each $45+ pledge. 

I can't see increasing by current plege to a higher level unless my birthday-con rakes in a ton of cash gifts (accepted but NOT required to attend.  I want to game dagnabbit, cake and gifts are secondary to having a good time).  Wife's super-secret projects may interfere with extra stuff around the house like treasure maps and prints.

If I should give more praise to the artist Travis Hanson, it's that his updates to the campaign have felt far more tangible than Rafm, Chaosium, and Reaper's efforts, and may even exceed Golden Goblin's efforts for such a small operation.   I've gotten to see plenty of new pages for the book, either on KS or on his professional Facebook page.  Pages like this...

I have a feeling the Eureka pirate bears will have a nasty encounter, and we'll be cooking up some pistachio pudding.

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