Friday, April 4, 2014

Leven Miniatures 6mm Canal Lock

I'm not normally one who looks at 6mm anything nowadays (1/285th scale, or Battletech scale).  Small children demand 25mm for durability and too avoid questions like "Who stole Daddy's regiment?" from occuring too often.

Leven Miniatures had announced the release of new 6mm ACW buildings, but the item that intrigued me the most was a re-release of a 6mm canal lock.

Call it local pride, growing up in Easton, one of the powerful hubs of canal transportation in the 19th Century, or maybe its the historian-in-training in me and my time working for the National Canal Museum (again, in Easton), but canals fascinate me.   So much so, that I involve one in half-written "Eastpoint" campaign for Gnome Wars.  Eastpoint is a very building heavy campaign, and a number of the scenarios focus on peculiar structures or sites and building everything was deemend too time-consuming and purchasing them outright way too expensive.  Perhaps we need a 6mm version of Gnome Wars (using Great War era figures) just so I can live out my wild gaming fantasies?  Who knows, it might be the only time you hear the words "Canal Pirate" in game!

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  1. Speaking of small scale Gnome Wars, I always thought we needed a 15mm version of Gnome Wars! We could use Brigade Games gnomelings, Splintered Light and Peter Pig 15mm gnomes as a start. One could field armies, do whole trench systems, use lots of 15mm steampunk type vehicles (i.e., All quiet on the Martian Front), and of course easily do lots of buildings and canals. Speaking of canals, check out this cool WW1 Flames of War Mons game held at Huzzah Hobbies... or the FOW1918 Yahoo site.